10 Ways to Make a Bodycon Dress Work for you

How to use a Bodycon Dress

The Bodycon Dress was Made to hug every single curve, it’s designed to proudly show off your shape–but not everyone has the confidence to pull off this super-tight style.

Certain prints of the dress can also make your body appear to have an hourglass shape.

“Remember confidence is the best accessory and prints are your best friends”

Ali Levine.

“Some may think this dress is a quick and simple solution to achieving the perfect evening look while others beg to differ. It really all depends on how you wear it according to your body shape and size.” Sure, you may want to squeeze in an extra session or two at the gym first to pull off this look without holding your breath, but there are some simple ways to still rock it, even if you don’t have a body of a supermodel.

1. Flaunt the Baby Bump

(Actress) Olivia Wilde knocked it out of the park in her Gucci sequin body con gown. Despite the maxi hemline, high neckline, and long sleeves, this girl could not have looked more on-point at nearly 8 months pregnant.”


2. Cinch the Waist

Who says you have to be a size zero to rock a body con with ease? A simple trick to look slimmer in this daring dress is finding one that features black or navy panel sides. This will create the illusion of a smaller waist.

3. Tape Your Bust

There are a number of tapes that you can use to shape and support your breasts. Medical grade tapes (like band-aids, athletic, or surgical tape) are mostly recommended because they are gentler on the skin. They also come off easily with warm water.

If you must use duct tape, you may need to apply some kind of padding to cover your nipples. This is done to avoid allergic reactions or pain when removing the tape. You can use a piece of cloth or adhesive pads. When using a band-aid, place the padded area over the sensitive parts of your bust.

You can tape your bust either horizontally or vertically, depending on the situation. If you want some cleavage, tape across the breasts. If you are busty and want more support, taping vertically will be better for you.

4. Be Selective

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Choosing the perfect bodycon dress for you and ensuring you maintain your modest style is all about shape.

Because a dress is fitted, doesn’t mean it has to be revealing.

This is where you’ll find a big difference between an overly sexy dress and a stylish dress.

Being modest also doesn’t always mean it’s necessary to cover up every inch of your body and skin.

Being selective with your shape choices, allows you to choose between features.

For example, your legs or your bust, meaning you cover up one feature and enhance or emphasize the femininity of the other.

5. Opt for Sewing Darts

The next most obvious solution is sewing darts. In fact, I love this option better than the cut and resewing option, because darts give a beautiful shape to your garments. Do this alteration if you do not have too much to adjust.


You can add one or more darts – darts are added symmetrically on both sides of the body. Darts can shape the garment to fit the body curves by controlling fullness or excess fabric. You can use darts for better fitting at the back or front waist, front underarm, and underbust (starting from waistline). For skirts, front and back darts are used for a close-fitting look.


Mark symmetrical darts (depth and length on both sides of the body should be the same) on either side of the body. The dart size, length, and shape will be dependent on the body shape and type of garment.

Use safety pins to mark the correct dimension – the usual sewing pins will poke on the body.

For dresses with a separate gathered skirt, you will have to make a half dart after have let out the stitches separating the skirt and the bodice.

The endpoint of the dart should point towards the fullest part of the body like the bust apex or derriere or shoulder. But make sure that it is not ending on the highest point of the fullest part; it should end just short of this point. Otherwise, it can create an awkward point. A 1-inch distance from the bust point is usually maintained.

For best fitting, make two smaller darts than a bigger single one.

On ready-made dresses with lining, especially well-made ones, you will have to take out the lining before sewing the darts.

You can use a seam ripper to open up the lining near the waist or near the zipper and then sew the darts to the outer fabric, make similar darts on the lining and then sew them all together back again. This is a cumbersome job but well worth it if done well.

Darts for a shirt / single-piece dresses Shirts are usually shaped by adding a dart. Here a double waist dart

that tapers to a point on both ends is used on either side of the body. This has a diamond shape with a wider central part and narrow tips on either side.

The widest part should come against your waist.

Pin in place.

If using another garment as a benchmark see how much extra width yours has and then calculate the depth and length of your dart. Pin the darts and then if possible wear and see.

Sew the darts following the rules for dart sewing mentioned here. Start sewing the dart from the middle where the dart is widest and when you taper towards the end do not ever backstitch. You can leave the thread tails and tie them together at the point to secure the dart stitches from unraveling.

One of the most important points in sewing a dart is to press it correctly. When you press the dart properly it disappears into the fabric.

Vertical darts are generally pressed towards the side seam and Horizontal darts are pressed down If you are sewing a heavy fabric, cut the dart open along the fold of darts to within one inch of the point and press the seam allowance open.

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6. Shrink to fit

There is some fabric that will shrink after the first wash. If your oversize garment is made of this type of fabric you can try this simple solution and count your luck. The fabrics that will shrink prominently enough to make your garment smaller are cotton, linen, rayon, cashmere.

7. Invest in Shapewear

By now, you’re probably tired of hearing about Spanx and the other gazillion types of stretchy devices that promise to make you look slimmer, but here’s the thing: They really work. At its core, the right piece of shapewear works as a means to help distribute bulges while smoothing you out and holding you in.

Choose a seamless pair of slenderizing briefs, boy shorts, camis, or full-body pieces that have reinforced panels to pull in your stomach, slim your thighs, boost your derriere, and define your waist when wearing bodycon dresses, clingy skirts, tight pants, or evening gowns.

8. Wear All Black

Using one color to enhance a slender illusion is the oldest trick in the book and for good reason: It helps create a long, vertical line.

While wearing head-to-toe black is the most effective and eternally chicest option, other darker hues work well, too, such as navy, oxblood, and green.

9. Choose a Dress With Built-In Support

Some dresses do not necessarily need a bra because they come with built-in support.

This can be a shelf bra, elasticized lining, or bra cups. Because of breast size issues, these dresses don’t have specific bra sizes. Particular dress size is meant to fit several breast cup sizes.

Most halter-neck style dresses will fall into the category of dresses with built-in bras. This is because they do not pair well with ordinary bras. Some other varieties of backless dresses have in-built support as well.

If your dress can go well with a tank or camisole, wear a no-bra camisole underneath. The built-in bra of the camisole will keep you well supported and covered. Most of the camisoles/tank tops might not be suitable for you if you have a large bust.

10. Select Scuba Fabric

A popular choice for bodycon dresses is the scuba fabric.

This is a high-stretch material, which offers a good solution for a figure-hugging, fitted finish.

If opting for scuba, ensure the fabric is as thick as possible so you don’t end up revealing too much.

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