How to dance Tango step by step

Learn to dance the tango

Although tango is a sophisticated dance, it is possible to learn it from your home. The Manualista He has done it so you can do it too.

1. Choose an online course that guides you correctly.

On YouTube you will find hundreds of free online courses that show you how to do masterful steps in 30 seconds but it is not as easy as it seems.

We recommend that you choose a beginner’s course that takes the time to explain the positions and steps correctly.

It is highly recommended that this course have a perspective and teaching pace similar to a real face-to-face course.

Why’s that ?

  • Because the pace of learning cannot be accelerated even with the best YouTube video.
  • Because having a real perspective of the space helps to better understand the steps.

2. Persists

Your first classes will be full of frustration if it is the first time you dance the tango.

As classes go by, you will improve little by little and you will feel more comfortable.

There will come a time where without realizing it you will be dancing in a fluid way.

It is important to persist and mutually support each other.

3. Make the class a ritual

Tango is an elegant dance, learning to dance it is a good opportunity to make this event a special moment.

  • Dress appropriately.
  • Accompany the event with a good red wine.
  • Wear high-heeled shoes for women or loafers for men.

3.1 Learn to dance with dance shoes.

Learning to dance in special shoes can make learning more uncomfortable.

But the advantage is that if one day you want to perform in a face-to-face dance (a milonga as they are called in Argentina) you will need them.

4. Make space, you will need it.

Tango can be danced in small spaces, but to learn to dance it for the first time, the larger the space, the more comfortable it will be to take the first steps.

Make room to dance in your house
Make room to dance in your house

Choose the place in your home that you can best prepare for the event.

Move the furniture in such a way that there is as much free space to dance with your partner.

Since you are, reduce the intensity of the light and make the space a pleasant environment.

5. Try to project the class.

This recommendation is not essential but it makes the experience more natural.

Project the class on your wall
Project the class on your wall

If you can project the class onto the wall life-size, it will help you follow in the teacher’s footsteps more naturally.

6. Dance before and after classes

Of course, the class is not everything and the steps are easy to forget.

We recommend that before and after class you practice the steps you have learned with your partner.

7. Choose the music correctly.

Tango is broad and includes subgenres such as electronic tango (Gotan Project) or modern tango with Aztor Piazzola as a reference. Beautiful to listen to but this type of tango is not useful for learning to dance.

The most recommended for dancing are the classical pieces performed by orchestras also classic like:

Osvaldo Pugliese
Juan D’Arienzo

Listening to and dancing to classic songs that we all know as “Por una cabeza” or “El día que me quiero” also help your inspiration as they motivate you when it comes to dancing.

Here is a dance list that can help you:

8. Feel the tango

If you are not familiar with the culture of tango, we recommend that you watch a documentary and listen to the lyrics to understand the tango feeling.

Tango is not only a dance, it also has an associated culture.

We recommend this documentary that you can watch on YouTube in Spanish and if not ask for it in Amazon with subtitles.