How to sell a used car: tips and tricks

Cómo vender un coche de segunda mano

If you want to sell your car, you have several options. You can sell your used car privately, trade it in at a dealer, or go to an online shopping company. How to sell a used car.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, there are a few things to keep in mind. We will give you the advice you need to get the most out of your used car.

A) Selling your car privately: what should you consider? . How to sell a used car

Advantages of direct sales to an individual:

The sale of a car between individuals continues to be very popular. With enough bargaining power, you can get the best prices here.

In perfect condition and properly presented, the used car can even sell for more than its actual residual value.

Therefore, a complete check book and a neat appearance are an advantage in any case. As a general rule, the sale price is fair depending on the condition of the vehicle.

In addition, the private sale can be designed individually: Often vehicle extras or modifications can negotiate more attractive prices for used cars. An additional set of tires, special rims, roof racks or the like allow the value of the vehicle to be increased again.

How to sell a used car
Selling your car privately: what should you consider? . How to sell a used car

Disadvantages of selling to individuals- how to sell a second-hand car:

There are also many disadvantages to selling the car privately. Initially, the car has to be advertised in newspapers, magazines or used car exchanges, which is time consuming.

To target potential buyers you need both images and suitable texts. It is often a matter of patience to find a suitable buyer.

If you yourself have little experience in negotiating, as well as a lack of technical knowledge, you could quickly sell your car below its value; not to mention the numerous and often annoying calls.

Our advice on how to sell a second-hand car:

Know the value of your car. With many professional buyers, you can get a free estimate of the residual value of your used car. In the ad, you should set the asking price a bit higher, which gives you some bargaining room.

Our advice on how to sell a second-hand car

It is often difficult to find a private buyer for a vintage car with a lot of mileage.

Models with unusual equipment or drive variants also have a difficult time.

The most important problem is usually the final sales contract: if the exclusion of liability is not explicitly stated here, the seller can quickly become responsible for all existing defects.

Later, the seller may incur high repair costs. Almost all well-known automobile clubs offer legally impeccable sales contracts as a template for free.

If you are selling your car privately, you should use such a model contract.

B) Deliver the car to the dealer

Dealer Trade-In Benefits:

Trade-in at a dealer is probably the most convenient way to sell a car. However, it is only available to potential buyers.

In this process, dealers offset the purchase price and the sale price. The value of the used car is not paid, but rather as a discount on the new car. Note: The dealer will only accommodate the price to the extent that it is commercially profitable.

Our advice:

Often the best deals from a customer’s point of view are made when buying special limited edition models.

Find out in advance what special offers the respective dealers offer. Another attractive option may be the so-called swap bonus, which is usually granted when switching brands.

What makes trade-in different from other car sales possibilities: Even very old used cars with high mileage are often accepted here, which cannot be said of the free market. Also, you are on the safe side contractually.

Disadvantages of Dealership Exchanges:

Like any business with companies, exchanges have their drawbacks. Compared to the free market, the benefit is limited.

Especially when it comes to the delivery of newer vehicles, this is a noticeable loss. You should find out in advance how much you would get for your old car elsewhere.

For many, this is a weighty criterion: if you want to exchange your used car at the dealer, you are forced to buy a new car.

So if you don’t want to buy a new one, you should refrain from this offer. For used cars, for which there is little demand, many dealers refuse to accept a trade-in.

Often a color combination or an unusual equipment variant is enough for this.

C) Selling a second-hand car online: what should I take into account?

Advantages of selling online:

Selling to professional buying companies is quick and hassle-free. Often, the respective companies offer a preliminary valuation of the car on the Internet.

The approximate residual value of your car is calculated without obligation. An example of this is the clear and free online car valuation service from

The value of the car is calculated from data such as the vehicle model, mileage, engine and year of manufacture.

The final price offer is made by a vehicle adjuster in person at a branch.

In the process, all relevant points are analyzed in a comprehensive examination of approximately 30 minutes to determine the value of your car.

The remaining residual value of the used car is determined as accurately as possible, so that you can later sell it at true market value.

Other services offered by professional buyers are pre-written contracts, which just have to be signed.

Often, the search for a final buyer for the used car is no longer necessary, since many companies accept cars of all makes and models.

Very convenient, especially when there is time pressure: many buyers take care of deregistering your vehicle and send you all the resulting paperwork.

So you will save yourself the trip to the registry office, which will save your time and nerves.