Tips for selling a used car

If you want to sell your car, there are many things to consider. Our car experts have compiled tips for selling a second-hand car for you.

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Tips for selling a used car

Do not sell your car to a street vendor who exports it to Africa or Eastern Europe. It is part of everyday business for the price to be extremely depressed.

Therefore, the risk of you selling your car well below its value at such a dealer is high.

If you list your vehicle privately, you’ll often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in this method of selling: creating a vehicle description, making phone calls to prospective buyers, arranging test drives… with private listings there are many inconveniences.

Save yourself all the stress and unnecessary risks and ask a professional vehicle agent like for help.

We will be happy to help you dispose of your used car quickly. The service is one hundred percent free, secure and without any complications for you.

Sell your car now without stress-Tips for selling a second-hand car

Tips for a fair valuation

Have your used car appraised before you sell it to get a realistic idea of how much your car is really worth.

Unlike other car exchanges that only provide you with flat-rate calculations, the independent vehicle valuation from determines a true purchase price for your vehicle based on hundreds of thousands of market data.

To do this, a specially developed algorithm compares more than 100 different device characteristics.

The resulting price gives you a good starting position when negotiating with the dealer. After all, you want to get a fair price for your vehicle when you sell it.

Don’t forget to bring all important documents to the appraisal appointment. This includes, in particular, the registration certificate part 1 and registration certificate part 2 (old vehicle title).

In addition, it is convenient to carry the maintenance book, the protocol of the last general inspection and, if available, the maintenance and repair receipts.

Mention any special equipment on your car to the buyer, this can have a value-enhancing effect.

Other extras, such as an extra set of winter tires and other vehicle-specific accessories, can also increase your vehicle’s gross and should also be carried.

Appearance is crucial when selling a used car

Most of us are willing to pay a little more for better quality and attractive looks.

This is also true of a car that can market better and faster and often fetch a higher price if it makes an impression of cleanliness and well-maintained.

Often it is enough to take the vacuum and clean the used car inside, as well as give it a thorough washing on the outside before the appraisal.

Appearance is crucial when selling a used car

After all, you yourself would not want to buy a dirty car.

Depending on the condition of the vehicle, it may also be worth having the car professionally refitted before selling it.

Small scratches and dents in the paint can be easily removed thanks to the inexpensive Smart Repair.

With your vehicle looking pristine, you have a strong case for higher resale value.

On the other hand, major repairs and overhauls are usually not profitable, since the expected additional benefit does not do justice to the high financial outlay.

Do not hide any damage.-Tips for selling a second-hand car

You must inform the buyer of the accident damage, as this directly affects the value of the vehicle.

If you hide those defects, the seller can later challenge the contract or get part of the purchase price back.

In addition, in the event of an accident – if it turns out that you have hidden previous damage to the car from the buyer – you may even be obliged to pay compensation.

Sell your car now for free!

You cannot sell a car without a sales contract.

Also, it goes without saying that a bill of sale is signed when the car is sold.

You cannot sell a car without a sales contract.

Make sure that, in addition to the correct chassis number, mileage details, first registration and particular equipment features are recorded correctly.

Any discrepancy may result in the buyer seeking a large price reduction or claiming damages after the fact.

Similarly, you should check whether the buyer’s personal data in the contract is correct.

Deregister a car or not?

A frequent question is whether to deregister the car or not. Does it make sense to deregister the car before selling it or not?

If you deregister your car, you should know that you will no longer be able to drive on public roads or park it in public parking areas.

You should take this into account especially if you still want to take the vehicle to a dealer.

Alternatively, you can use a short-term license plate in this case, but this requires additional effort and costs for you.

The short-term license plate is also valid for a maximum of five days, so the sale must be made within this period. In addition, proof of insurance is also required when applying for a short-term license plate.

The fact that you continue to pay vehicle taxes and are responsible for the fines and accidents caused by this car speaks in favor of deregistering your used car.

If you end up with a dubious buyer, this can quickly lead to a lot of trouble.

It is best to report the sale of the car immediately to your insurance company and the relevant registry office.

Normally it is enough to send a copy of the sales contract.

Since a private sale is fraught with many risks, our car experts recommend that you put the sale of your car directly in the hands of professionals.