Why recording your website sessions is very important

Record web sessions

Recording the users who are visiting your website and watching those sessions may be the best thing to do for your website.

Whether your website is new or not worth the time to look at the sessions, this practice can be very enlightening and help you understand where your users are encountering difficulties.

Whether you are a marketing professional, an entrepreneur or if you work on usability or web page design, it is very important that you understand how your web page responds to visits.

Many times we make decisions based on numbers and statistics but we forget that behind a web page there is a user, a person who visits a web page with certain expectations and hoping to find answers … and if you don’t, you are going to get frustrated and leave the web.

And if that happens, it is throwing away all your effort to bring traffic to your website.

We are living in the data age, we receive data from all: marketing data, browsing data, user data, demographic data, data of all kinds but so much data takes us away from a concrete reality and we forget that there are humans behind so many statistics.

Recording the sessions of your users will help you put yourself in the shoes of the person who visits your website can be very fun but also frustrating to do so because you will find many users who leave your website within seconds of entering.

And you will find others who stay up to five minutes or more, the important thing is to understand why the seven second person leaves your website and why the other one stays so long.

This can help you improve usability and navigability issues but also If you work in marketing, it can help you understand if the target you are targeting your campaigns is not the correct one.

How does user recording work?

The services to record sessions all work in a very similar way, you install a tracking code on your website and automatically when a user enters your website it begins to record succession, this gives you different types of data such as:

  • Data from the visitor’s El País.
  • Browser data and device you use.
  • Data of the campaign for which I follow your website.
  • And other data that can also be interesting.

How to interpret these sessions.

In the event that your website is a new project, it is highly recommended that you look at yourself all sessions .

If your project already has traction, I recommend that you filter the sessions that interest you the most in the event that you have many visits to your website.

Several companies offer this service and all offer free accounts that allow you to record up to a maximum of 100 to 1500 sessions, which is more than enough if you start a new project to interpret the reaction of the traffic on your website.

Some recommended services: